EQUINE EVENTS Our travel rate of 58¢ per mile is affordable for even the most budget-conscious organization. There is no per diem fee. A hotel room must be provided if the distance to the show is more than 80 miles. Print prices are reduced for orders received at the event. Online gallery access is available for a deposit of $10 per person. The deposit is applied to the online print order.

PRIVATE SESSIONS For $70 per hour plus a travel rate of 58¢ per mile, you will receive a product credit and online photo access within two weeks. We can produce the portraits and action shots you've always wanted! Call or e-mail for details and availability. Print prices are reduced for orders placed within one month of the images being posted.

Wallets: 4 for $16.00 or 8 for $22.00
4 x 6: $22.00
5 x 7: $30.00
8 x 10: $36.00
11 x 14: $54.00
16 x 20: $90.00

Package of 48 wallets: $54.00
Package 1 (8 x 10, two 5 x 7, 8 wallets): $88.00
Package 2 (5 x 7, two 4 x 6, 4 wallets): $65.00
Please note: All packages are of one image only.

COLLAGES Artistic collages have backgrounds removed or other complex digital elements. Basic collages have a background picture or color. Please see the gallery for samples of both types.
Basic 8 x 10: $72.00
Basic 11 x 14: $95.00
Basic 16 x 20: $134.00
Basic 20 x 24: $195.00

Artistic 8 x 10: $105.00
Artistic 11 x 14: $125.00
Artistic 16 x 20: $184.00
Artistic 20 x 24: $249.00

DIGITAL ART We offer computer editing of any of our images, your own images, or a release-provided professional image. Digitally painted photographs, object removal, color effects, vintage effects, borders, and many other enhancements are available.

PRINT OPTIONS Print prices listed are for standard color photographic prints. Black and white or sepia prints are also available (for an additional 18%). Metallic photographs are an upgrade of 20%, but we recommend prints on actual metal. The quality and crispness of the prints on metal is stunning! Canvas gallery wraps are another beautiful way to display your favorite images. Holiday products are also available as the season approaches. Please contact us for details on these fabulous products!

THE DETAILS All our prints are produced at a professional photo lab in Missouri. We do not print them ourselves. They are real photographic prints.
Shipping is FREE with all orders! Orders for prints 11x14" and larger are sent in a box. Priority Mail orders are sent in a box. (Additional $5.60 for Priority Mail.) All other orders are shipped First Class Mail in a heavyweight photo mailer envelope.
16 x 20 prints are mounted to a hard backing that prevents damage such as wrinkling.
If your order is being shipped within Wisconsin, you must pay the state sales tax and the sales tax for the county the order is sent to. Tax does not apply to out-of-state residents.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Gift certificates are available!

PLEASE RESPECT OUR WORK Proofs AND purchased prints are copyright protected. Reproducing them without written consent from the photographer is illegal. If you like what you see, please pay for the images you want. We do offer small files for use on social networking sites FREE with the purchase of a 5 x 7 or larger print of that image, or $20.00 for the file only. Thank you!